Thursday, November 13, 2008

hello world

Oh my goodness.

So. I am so used to livejournal, where I have it set to email me anytime someone leaves a comment, that it didn't even occur to me that I may have been getting comments and not knowing it on here. I just clicked back through my archives - and - HI EVERYONE! Sorry I never responded! I had no idea! *laughs*

Well, that certainly, suddenly, made me feel like I was actually writing for an audience. It's funny, I was just talking to a fellow etsian at karate last night about how to continue being a blogger, you have to have a certain amount of narcisism and not care if anyone else is actually reading it. What great timing to find out that people are. :)

I am totally underprepared for my pyschology test today. I have karate tonight - and I am inspired all over again. I had the fastest stripe test from Mr. Fuller last night - I did my lessons, did a few strikes, and into third squat position I went. I actually felt like I deserved this stripe, just for the amount that I *cared* about it. It feels good to really care about karate again.

Photos: My little sister is the one with the blue gi (she's an instructor) and in the crazy-hair photo on the right. I'm the other one, holding the kali sticks. The crazy-hair photo is her at her blackbelt test making me more afraid of her than I've ever been.


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