Wednesday, November 19, 2008

small update

Okay so my list yesterday didn't go so well. I did not water my plants, read my book, or do dishes. However, I did put away laundry, and I ended up going out with karate folks. I finished fingerless glove #3 (short gloves made with manos del uruguay) and I lurrrrve it. I did also stop at the discount fabric store and bought fabric for the lining of my bags. I also bought some of this cool canvas strap that I am hoping to turn into the handles for large bags - it'd be so much cheaper to do that than buy them...if they work.

I am going on Saturday to do ceramics again and I am so excited. Adam invited me to go climb Mt. Baldy with him - and I really would love to do that too, but the call of the clay is strong...

Looking at Rebecca's pieces, I am inspired all over again. Yes, this is the same Rebecca that I used to take ceramics with. I am so impressed by her stuff, it's ridiculous. It made me really, really, really want to use Bmix and polish up my pieces.


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