Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's only 4:20 and it's starting to get dark outside. Tonight my plan is to stay here and read my psychology book until about 7:15, then I'll head to karate. After karate I will go out for a little while with folks - but not eat - just knit - and work on Alex's scarf. Then home, and sleep, and tomorrow - take the quiz and work and do the discussion questions/activity.

Amber is coming over tomorrow night to knit, and between work and that would be a good chance to get caught up on sweeping, dishes, cleaning the bathroom and laundry.

Adam will be in the San Jacinto mountains friday and saturday and invited me...I'd have to drive up by myself Friday night and then drive home by myself Saturday. I can't decide if I want to. It'd be nice to have a leisurely day at home alone - bake a cake with diet soda and maybe go running by myself at the beach.

Who knows. I'd go in a second if I didn't have to drive. :P


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