Wednesday, November 26, 2008

birthdays at work

So my place o' employment has the tradition that the night before someone's birthday, their friends/supervisors stay a little late and decorate their office for them. That way, when the birthday person gets into the office the next morning, they are greeted by streamers, balloons, etc. I've seen some entertaining office decor before - top prize goes to Emily and myself for filling Monice's office top to bottom with balloons, and then ceran-wrapping them in to the cubicle. I'd say second prize goes to yours truly for Emily's office, just due to the sheer difficulty she had in finding her computer and chair under the streamers. I shoulda known payback was coming.

So the day after tomorrow is my birthday, but since we have thanksgiving tomorrow, they decorated my office for me this morning. I completely forgot about that, until I walked into the office and it looks like a clown exploded. There are streamers. Balloons. Ribbons. Bows. Banners. And confetti like you w0uld not believe. To top that off, Rosie made me a sash and a crown that I have to wear all day. I will post photos eventually.

I just wanted to write this post right now, even without the photographic evidence, because I was feeling sort of down the last few days, and this picked me right up. Three cheers for Rosie and Emily. It's good to have friends.


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