Thursday, November 13, 2008

earthquake preparedness

Something we are talking about a LOT at work is earthquake/disaster preparedness. We serve so many adults with developmental disabilities in so many different ways that it's really incredibly daunting trying to figure out how to be personally prepared, and support our clients. I am on the safety committee, and..well..phew, it's overwhelming.
I am glad for the chance to really think about my own preparedness, though - for those of you who don't live in Southern CA, WE HAVE EARTHQUAKES. :P We're about 150 years overdue for the next "big one" and in an effort to stem the flood of panic, I am trying to PREPARE!

Today we participated in the Great ShakeOut. Over 5 million folks participated - it was a HUGE earthquake drill. Schools, businesses, and individuals all over So Cal paused at 10am and pretended that we were having a 7.8 earthquake.

My first order of business is to make a Go Kit in my car - with food, water, first aid, etc. So no matter where I am, I can have it. Because it can be expensive to do that all at once, we put together a timeline for our employees to follow - one item every two weeks starting in January. I figured I'd post it here, so if you were so inclined to become better prepared yourself, for whatever type of emergency scares you the most, you could follow along!


□ JANUARY 9th Water
3 Gallons (that’s enough for 1 person for three days) (Water in specialty disaster containers have a 5 year shelf life – regular water bottles have to be changed every year.)

□ JANUARY 23rd Food
Non-perishable food that doesn’t need cooking
Energy bars, dried fruit, jerky, peanut butter, canned food that can be eaten cold. Take a look in your cupboards for food you already have!
Also remember: can opener if using canned foods, salty foods make you thirstier, do you have any allergies or special needs?
Enough for three days

□ FEBRUARY 27th First aid kit
Target, Home Depot, Rite Aid, and Walmart all have first aid kits starting from $4.99+

□ MARCH 9th Comfortable, sturdy shoes
Don’t throw away your old pair, they’ll last you for three more days!
□ MARCH 9th Change of clothes
If you can’t spare anything from your closet, make a trip to a thrift store for something your size.

□ MARCH 24th Cash and coins
So you don’t have to worry about using an ATM in an emergency, and to use a payphone if your cell phone doesn’t work

□ MARCH 24th Important phone numbers
Put inside a ziplock baggie to make sure they don’t get ruined. Maybe you could put your change in there also, in case you have to make a payphone call!

□ MARCH 24th Emergency Blanket
Sometimes they are included in the first aid kit!

□ APRIL 9th Flashlight with batteries

□ APRIL 24th Hygiene kit
Tissues/toilet paper/feminine products/medication/hand sanitizer, etc.


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