Tuesday, November 11, 2008

roya plus yarn

So these are the adventures of Roya, Amber, and dying yarn with kool aid! We each bought two skeins of 100% wool to work with. In this photo, I am separating mine - I did 5 different batches so I could play with colors. Amber did two really big ones.

The next few pics are the yarn heating up - we mixed the kool aid in cold water first, then added the yarn. At first we were worried that it wouldn't take, because the yarn didn't really soak up the water like we thought it would. We had to scoosh it around with a fork for it to submerge. But then we heated up the water and the yarn just soaked it up. The only issue we had was once the yarn went over the edge of the pot a leeetle too much, and sort of caught on fire...so I have one skein that's now a bunch of smaller pieces. :P

After we dyed it and rinsed it, I hung it up in the backyard to dry. Pretty cool looking, huh? I like having curtains of yarn outside my kitchen window.
And here are the final products!


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Your yarn is great! Isn't that loads of fun!? I can hardly wait to dye more! Your one ball of blue and red looks like mine.:)

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