Saturday, November 22, 2008


sooo tired...

last night we went to the gym at about home around 1-1:3am..then Adam puts on the movie 88 Minutes. It starts with a rape/murder in a girl's house, and it's ICKY. He falls asleep instantly. I am up until 4am watching this horrible movie so I can know who dunnit so I can fall asleep. It had the stupidest, lamest ending ever and four hours later when my alarm went off, I was very angry at myself for staying awake for it.

But my alarm went off so that Amber and I could go do ceramics at the Irvine studio - so that was good.

Adam and I are going ouuuutt tonight - to see Role Models. I am happy. It's been a good day.

Yesterday I finished ALL of the granny square bags I'd been working on. 6+ hours of sewing. I will post pics eventually.

Right now I need to go work on my essay before it's movie time!


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