Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi everybody! It's November! Woohoo! With November comes Thanksgiving, my birthday, no change in the weather (Orange County, CA), and time for a new team etsy blogger update! First things first, this month's featured etsy blogger is storybeader! Her jewelry is fantastic - the photo is the piece of hers that caught my eye right off.

One of the most unique things about her pieces, though - is not just the beautiful jewelry, but also that each piece comes with a haiku, written specifically for that piece! It makes me want to order some just to see what she writes about them. :)

Storybeader is also a huge help for the etsy bloggers team, and, of course, keeps a blog! You can read all about her jewelry, see photos of dogs in costume and more, here: her blog.

Really - go check out her stuff, I am a huge fan of blogging, a huge fan of etsy, a huge fan of haikus, and a huge fan of jewelry - so when they are all combined, it makes magic. :)


storybeader said...

thank you roya, for writing such a nice feature. I am amazed at all the creative mediums you use - love the pottery! Welcome to the etsybloggers!

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