Friday, December 5, 2008

finally uploaded photos!

Yay, I finally uploaded the 400 some pictures I had on my camera from my birthday and thanksgiving. Here we have a random assortment...starting off with the crazy mess my coworkers made of my office. I am still picking up pieces of confetti from between my keyboard and in the drawers. There's a lot.

After that, we have photos of Adam with my mom, and Adam with my dad. The one with my mom was taken at El Torito, where we went for my birthday dinner. In the other photo, my boyfriend is patiently letting my father explain about coaching soccer. I love photographic evidence of my boyfriend becoming a part of the family. :)

In the next photos, we have Rosie's best ever "That's What She Said" face, and a three-headed-monster of Sorooshian Sisters.


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