Thursday, December 4, 2008

So did you know I have not one, but TWO little sisters? Rosie, the youngest - is my karate instructor as well as my sister, so I end up doing a lot of stuff with her, which means her photos get put up here quite a bit. However, Roxana, my other sister, is phenomenal and wonderful and talented and ridiculously busy so I never have photo opp moments with her. I thought this blog might be a little Rosie slanted, so it's time for a photo post of ROXANA! She takes great photos, because she is a musical theater-aholic and so she is always in one costume or another. Here we have Roxana as Mayzie, the floozy bird from Seussical the Musical and Glinda, the good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my sister wants a profession where facepaint is a permanent part of her life.
Seriously, though - Roxana is always the shining star of every production she is in.


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