Wednesday, December 3, 2008

work and sister

I mailed 1500 copies of the most recent newsletter to my clients last week, so this week I am swamped at work with finalizing the events and registering participants. I use junky old excel spreadsheets that I formulate - which are fine for your basic stuff, but don't do half the things I need to do (for a very simple example: print mailing labels, make payment invoices, etc.) Anyways, so it's a busy time for me at work, plus I am co-in-charge of our holiday party which is TOMORROW, so my office looks like drunken frat boys broke into Santa's workshop and went crazy. Not to mention, this is piled on top of birthday decorations that I just haven't had time to take down. I haven't checked my phone messages yet today either. Yikes.

My dad sent me a few photos from the turkey tournament from this weekend. They're pretty spiffy. Ladies and gentlemen, my little soccer playin' sister Rosie:


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