Tuesday, December 9, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas?

Apparently christmastime is upon us. I think I mentioned that last week Adam and I went and picked up a christmas tree and put up lights! Here's the photographic evidence.

So my big plan this year was to make my own christmas cards - I have never sent christmas cards out before, because I never celebrated christmas so attentively. However, last year was Adam and my first christmas living together, and apparently he was sad that we didn't have cards to send. So this year I started way back in June or July making Christmas Cards so that I would have time to handmake them. See, I think getting packaged-from-the-store cards are sort of a ridiculous waste of paper just so someone gets something with your name written on it. But handmade cards! That's a totally different thing!

Except now it's December 9th and I have all of 6 or 7 cards actually done. I need a plan B. I think what I will do is instead of making them as intensely as I was, with full on scrapbooking supplies, I might make them on publisher and just print them myself. That counts, right?


Cid said...

I feel the same way about cards...but since the arrival of photo cards, I'm pretty happy sending out cards printed at Costco for not much $$ and then our friends/family get a pic of us (and who wouldn't want that, lol)!!!

Glad to have come upon your blog via some fun unschooling conference page ;)

Peace & Abundance, Cid

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