Monday, December 1, 2008

needle felting

So for my bday I got some Alamitos Bay gift cards, and I went down there..bought some yarn, and some needle felting tools - just for kicks. Then I was talking to a coworker, who ordered a coin purse for her sister with "princess" embroidered on one side, and a crown on the other and I had an epiphany for how I would do the crown! Here I come, needle felting!
I finished a pair of socks yesterday - a project that has been half done for about 3 years. Man. They're cute. I also have a child sized scarf I am almost done with - I think I want to weave some other colors through the white yarn. I am also working on a purple bag - which I plan on felting and then incorporating needle felting and beading into. Then there's NV's sister's gift, Reggie's kufi, and the other half to the manos del uruguay pair of fingerless gloves.

Good night for projects.
Oooh - also a good night for making things with my new Magic Bullet - I made guacamole and a smoothie yesterday and am excited to make more. I wish I was more creative - all I can think of is throwing in fruit. Any ideas for fancy blending, anyone?


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